Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Goodness of Alternative Medication

The Goodness of Alternative Medication

Based on the research for alternative medication to study the utility and the goodness of alternative medication, it has some goodness, i.e;

1. The alternative medication is cheaper, if compares with modern medicine.

2. The alternative medication has a good acceptance by the people in most development country.

3. Traditional medication or alternative medication is usually using the local herbs, plants, or fruits to make the medication composition and it decreasing the dependency of people upon the modern medicine or decreasing the addiction from drugs.

4. Several composition of the alternative medication is made from the natural plants that are more suitable with the human body than the composition that makes in the modern laboratory.

5. In the several cases, the natural medicine or alternative medication has an ability to fight and kill several diseases. In the other side, the modern medication may cause the side effect that could inviting other sickness or disease.

6. The modern medicine has a long time research and big cost before it is being launch. It need more time to study and laboratory experiment. Even the alternative medication did not use the steps like modern medicine. It is faster to make and cheaper.